Angry netizens slams Jim Paredes after the latter calls Mindanaoans 'Mga taga-bundok' - Pinoy Scooper

Angry netizens slams Jim Paredes after the latter calls Mindanaoans 'Mga taga-bundok'

Former recording artist and known yellow personality Jim Paredes was slammed by infuriated netizens after he called Mindanaoans mga taga-bundok.

In a Facebook comment that went viral online, Paredes degradingly described Mindanaoan residents as "mountain people" and accused them of not caring for the welfare of their fellow citizen in Luzon in case President Rodrigo Duterte will impose Martial Law throughout the country.

It can be recalled that President Duterte last Tuesday placed Mindanao under Martial Law after government troops clashed with the Maute group in Marawi city.

"Mga kabataan na lang ba talaga ang hindi nakakalimot sa sinapit ng mga pilipino sa panahon ng martial law? Nakakalungkot isipin dahil yung mga matanda na kung sino payung nakaranas sa hagip ng martial law sila pa yung nanahimik," Paredes said.

“Tapos yung mga taga-Mindanao na taong bundok sila pa yung gusto na mag martial law dahil alam nila na hindi sila ang malalagay sa alanganin kundi kami taga luzon,” he added.

This statement of Paredes just made him even harder to be like by Filipino people. It has sparked outrage from the netizens and here are some of their response;

Lyn Dilangalen: Dear Mr. Jim Paredes, you're one of the heck tarantado to da maximum level. We, the "Taga-bundok" people are never bothered by the Martial Law implemented in Mindanao. In fact, we prefer that! It is for the good and safety of the Mindanao populace. Why would you think the Luzon will be put to alanganin? So please shut and get a life. May God bless you and lessen too much air in your head. Purbida kaaaaa!

Remigio Rojas: Jim Paredes. Graduate ka nga sa Ateneo pero kulang ka sa edukasyon! Kung ang pag pabor sa ML sa Mindanao ay ugali ng isang taga bundok, tiyak ako ay isang taga bundok. Please never underestimate Mindanao. For your info, all the branches of government are now in the hands of people from Mindanao. The President is from Davao City. The Senate President is from Cagayan de Oro/Misamis. The Speaker of the House is from Davao Region and the Chief Justice is from Zamboanga. Need I say more?

Beth N. Ramos: Ano ba ang itsura ng taga Mindanao na "taong bundok"? JIM PAREDES, this is not an insult to the Mindanaons. This is an insult that backfires to your being. Idolo pa naman kita noon. It appears now na wala kang pinagkatandaan. Shame on you!

Jocelyn Nefiel: I really don't subscribe to ranting on social media but this post really got my goat!
This person seems to have forgotten that he is where he is now because it was a Mindanaoan who first gave him and his group their break in the music industry - it was JEM Records (owned by the late Chito Ayala of Davao City) that first signed Apo Hiking Society (apologies to Danny Javier and Buboy Garovillo) as a recording artists. Yes, it was this "taga bundok" company that gave you a break! Speaking of "walang utang na loob"! Not everything is about you! Please stop harping back to the Marcos era martial law and read the 1987 Constitution!.... thank you Long Pineda for posting.....
grabeh na talaga maka lait si Jim Paredes.... bundok jud ang Mindanao???? grabeh na jud sya o

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Angry netizens slams Jim Paredes after the latter calls Mindanaoans 'Mga taga-bundok' Angry netizens slams Jim Paredes after the latter calls Mindanaoans 'Mga taga-bundok' Reviewed by Apple Mae Ta-as on May 27, 2017 Rating: 5
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