Senator Pacquiao tells Drilon: Use your common sense

The exchange arguments between the Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon and Senator Manny Pacquiao became heated when the neophyte senator told the latter to use his "common sense" during their debate on proposed Philippine Boxing Commission.

On Tuesday, Drilon pressed the neophyte senator why there was a need for a separate commission for boxing when there is already an existing Games and Amusement Board (GAB) to handle boxing and other combat sports.

“I don’t think the gentleman from Iloilo understand what is boxing, what is the combat sports, Mr. President. It involves here lives of athletes, Mr. President. Like I said, a lot of athletes died in this arena, in this sports, so we should have a separate commission for combat sports, especially boxing, Mr. President, for their safety,” Pacquiao said.

When Pacquiao reiterated that the boxing commission could save lives, Drilon asked again if the GAB could not do the job for the boxers.

Pacquiao doubts if the GAB could still focus on boxing when the Board is already handling more than 20 sports.

“To focus in one sport is not easy — it’s easy to say but it’s not easy to do especially GAB is handling more than 20 sports. How can you focus in one sport? We have common sense to understand that,” Pacquiao said.

Drilon quickly responded to Pacquiao, saying: “I have common sense, Mr. President!”

Watch the video below:

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