Presidential Sister Jocellyn to Leni: 'Ginagamit ka lang ng mga yellowt*rds na 'deodorant' '

Presidential Sister Jocellyn Roa Duterte launched another tirade against Vice President Leni Robredo on her Facebook account, December 9.

Knowing that Robredo is one of the staunch critics of the Marcoses and to certain policies of the Duterte Administration, Joceyllyn compared the vice president to a 'deodorant.'

"Ms. Robredo, dimo mo pa rin ba ma gets na ginagamit ka lang ng mga yellowtards na deodorant,' Jocellyn wrote.

She also emphasized that sooner or later Robredo may also turn people into her own deodorant.

"Baka pagdating ng araw ikaw na ang mangagamoy. Sa ngayon puro ka dada, wala naman katuturan...haaay buti pa buang may gamot, pero bobo wala!," she stressed.

Here are some of the netizens response to her statement by telling,

I don't think ginagamit lang siya . I think nagpapagamit na rin siya . She's into it too. Sa harap ng presidente all smiles and all then the very next day, contra . I really lose respect for two faced people.

Hall of fame habol nya, rampa dito rampa doon, model pala gusto at photography. bakit di nag artista?wala din kasing fans politico dami nga naman pag binayaran.

As a Cabinet she should support our Pres.on illegal drugs and the advocacy of the Pres. It is very unethical that she is a cabinet member and the doing the other way around.It is just right she is not suppose to be there.She is not serving the people but her political party and allies.

she got so excited becoming a vice president but she doesn't seem to know her job descriptions.She is contented being interviewed and having a press conference so her face would be on television and on magazine covers.What a waste of money to our government paying her for nothing and nonsense. Maawawa Kai sa ating bansa mga yellow cult.

As of writing, her facebook post already generated more than 600 different reactions and 120 shares.

Presidential Sister Jocellyn to Leni: 'Ginagamit ka lang ng mga yellowt*rds na 'deodorant' ' Presidential Sister Jocellyn to Leni: 'Ginagamit ka lang ng mga yellowt*rds na 'deodorant' ' Reviewed by Apple Mae Ta-as on December 13, 2016 Rating: 5
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