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Duterte to critics: Adopt an addict, share love

President Rodrigo Duterte had some choice words for critics of his war on drugs, and even made a proposal: 'adopt an addict.'

"If you want, kayong mga bleeding hearts, if you really want to stop the violence ganoon, mag-adopt na lang. Adopt ng addict. Share a love between your fellow men. Sige... Para malaman ninyo ang perdition ng isang drug addict," said Duterte on Monday in a speech delivered at the oathtaking of the People's National Movement for Federalism (PENAMFED).

Before mentioning his proposal, Duterte reiterated that when he took the office of the presidency, the budget for the year had already been set by the past administration, but still limited, and thus cannot yet build enough drug rehabilitation centers for addicts.

"Sabi, 'Bakit patayin ni Duterte? Hindi niya lang i-rehab?' Ay na, hindi mo lang alam, mare, na wala na akong mapasukan. Gusto mo, itulong na lang ninyo. Ang mga bahay ninyo, magreserba ka, mga mansyon, mga apat, lima, anim ang mga kwarto. Eh di ibigay ninyo ang isa. Adopt an addict and see what happens. So that's my advice," he said.

He even jested that his critics can start choosing drug addicts to take in.

"Kasi kung gusto ninyo, unahin ko iyong sa Tondo. Kayo na ang mamili kung sino ang gusto ninyo doon. Babae, lalaki. Just the same, kapag naloko iyan, sasaksakin kayo diyan. Massacre ang labas. Akala nila ganoon kadali," Duterte stressed.

He also urged his critics to go to drug-infested neighborhoods and meet drug addicts so they would understand the depth of the problem of the illegal drugs.

"Kayong mga critics, you're better off going into the neighborhoods and find out kung  sino ang mga nandiyan. Kanyang mga pari, spend time with people, go out, who are really affected. They're better off giving the advice of how to seek treatment," he said.

Source: GMA News, RVTM
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