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Erwin Tulfo's Amazing Remarks to Pres. Duterte Will Make You Proud. MUST READ!

Just over a hundred days when Rodrigo Roa Duterte took the highest position in the country, he has achieved a lot and made significant changes in the Philippines despite the criticisms on his anti-drug campaign.

Even though there were some critics who expressed dissatisfaction on his leadership, there are still a lot of Filipinos who trust and believe in him. One particularly is the fierce and bold commentator and reporter, Erwin Tulfo. 

On his Facebook post, Mr. Tulfo expressed his admiration to President Duterte and described him “one of a kind.”


While a small portion of our society seems unhappy the way President Duterte is running the country, it's clear that the majority remains strongly supportive of his policies and programs of the government.

Unlike the noisy minuscule percentage of critics, who profess "freedom of speech" and the "freedom to live peacefully" in their political attacks versus Manong Digong, most are optimistic about the President's crusade against crime and illegal drugs, his independent foreign policy, and peace negotiations with longtime rebel groups, i.e.the NPA's, MILF, and MNLF.

Kabisado ng mga Dabawenyo ang istilo ng pamumuno ni Manong Digong kahit noong mayor pa siya. "Unorthodox" o kakaiba pero epektibo. Ika nga sa Ingles, "ni bullshit".

No leader in our history has prompted hundreds of thousands of drug users to surrender in public after over a thousand drug pushers had been killed in police operations.

No Philippine president in recent history stood up against the United States and told the world's no. 1 superpower to treat us with respect and dignity.The Moro insurgency has been going on since time immemorial, claiming thousands of Dilipino lives but the guns have quieted down in Muslim Mindanao,, save for the pursuit of the renegade Abu Sayaf group.

This 71-year old Chief Executive is also the only leader ever to silence the militant left, as well as enthused big businesses with his economic thrusts.Biut of course, hindi perpekto at may mga pagkukulang din ang Pangulo na nakakairita o ikinabubwisit ng ilan tulad ng pagmumura at pagiging mainitin ang ulo. Pero hindi ba't lahat tayo ay may mga kamalian din?

The President remains just like most of us, an ordinary Filipino, and that's what makes him popular...sa pananamit, pagkilos, at kadalasan sa pananalita na rin katukad ng lang ng isang ordinaryong mamamayang Pilipino.He wants to the world to accept him, not because of who he is now, rather what he was then. It is difficult to transform to a different personality just because of ones work or the demands of the society.That's why most of us likes Digong ...except for a few self-righteous and politically motivated groups, like the human rights and civic groups, the church, some media organizations, the United Nations with the US and European Union, and of course, the yellow group spokesperson, Senators Delima and Trillanes.But so long as Manong Digong enjoys the overwhelming support of the Filipino nation...the President, one of a kind that he is, must stay the course.
Erwin Tulfo's Amazing Remarks to Pres. Duterte Will Make You Proud. MUST READ! Erwin Tulfo's Amazing Remarks to Pres. Duterte Will Make You Proud. MUST READ! Reviewed by Apple Mae Ta-as on November 08, 2016 Rating: 5
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