President Duterte declares 'state of lawlessness'

President Rodrigo Duterte said an explosion rocked in Davao City, resulted of atleast 14 killed and 71 others wounded was an act of terrorism and he placed the country on lockdown.

President Duterte put the nation under a "state of lawlessness," clarifying he has not declared martial law and the writ of habeas corpus will not be suspended.

“I am declaring a state of lawlessness until I decide it is safe for every one again. This is not martial law, nothing to do with suspension of writ of habeas corpus," the President said.

The declaration will remain until he decides that it is safe for everybody.

The President authorized the police and military to search cars and frisk people at checkpoints to prevent from possible terrorrist attack.

Asked for his message his Davao residents, he said keep calm. The government is with you. We will protect everyone, he said. 

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