WATCH: Japanese TV hosts calls President Duterte 'sugoi' means great

President Rodrigo Duterte continues to attract the international media outlet as he was featured again recently in a Japan TV show.

A Filipino currently based at Japan, namely Marjorie Mendoza, uploaded a video showing panels of Japanese nationalities giving insights to President Duterte. She also revealed that Duterte is being featured in some talk shows and newscasts almost everyday.

Since the video was in japanese language, Marjorie was asked to translate it. And it said that the panels are discussing about the controversial remarks of President Duterte he stated recently and among his great deeds when he was still the mayor of Davao City.

At first, the panel think Duterte has a penchant for swearing. One panelist explained that the swearing isn't really meant to slander, but only a mere expression. Just like how other people use "cussing words" freely.

The panel also talked about the family background of President Duterte. His mother as a public school teacher and his father as a lawyer.

The host cited Duterte's accomplishments in Davao. She explains how Davao was turned to be the safest city from being dirty and lawless city before. She also noted the 911 emergency number and other policies Duterte had implemented.

They even mentioned the president's action while his left feet is on the table during an interview. One panel says it's out of good manners but the other panel opposed that he was just telling the media that he's not wearing socks.

They also mentioned the 91% trust rate of the president.

At the end, the panel recognized President Rodrigo Duterte and described him a 'sugoi' leader which means "great."

Watch the video below:
WATCH: Japanese TV hosts calls President Duterte 'sugoi' means great WATCH: Japanese TV hosts calls President Duterte 'sugoi' means great Reviewed by Apple Mae Ta-as on September 10, 2016 Rating: 5
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