Government's heartbreaking anti-drug ads Must Watch!

The Philippine government has finally released two heartbreaking advertisements, tackling how illegal drugs have destroyed the lives and families of drug users.

The film was directed by award-winning Director Brillante Mendoza and produced by the Presidential Communication Office in partnership with MTRCB.

The commercials will be aired on television and cinemas nationwide to encourage more Filipinos to be part of the government's intensified campaign against illegal drugs.

The advertisements depicts how a father's drug addiction destroyed his family, and the struggles of an Overseas Filipina worker who has a son addicted to drugs.

Mendoza said the anti-drug television ads will be launched in phases to put an emphasis on how the illegal drugs problem slowly creeps into the community and the nation.

"The advertisements will target the Filipino families who might be dealing with problems caused by drug abuse. (The message is) all hope is not lost, the time to end illegal drug-dependence is now," Andanar said.

ABS-CBN and SM Cinema have earlier committed to air the government's anti-drug ads for free.
Government's heartbreaking anti-drug ads Must Watch! Government's heartbreaking anti-drug ads Must Watch! Reviewed by Apple Mae Ta-as on September 02, 2016 Rating: 5
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