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Strangers found newborn baby alive in the trash

A photos of newborn baby recently found in the trash has surfaced on the internet, with netizens commending the efforts of the good samaritan who found the baby but outraged by the actions of the baby’s biological parents.

Facebook user Bao Siao Lim discovered the baby still alive inside a trash bag, whose umbilical cord was still attached.
Lim immediately took a blanket for the baby and rushed her to the nearest hospital in Valenzuela City.

“The first thing that came to my mind was to bring the baby to the nearest hospital. But my car was coding today. Nevertheless, (I) drove the baby to the nearest hospital,” Lim said.

The baby is being treated at the hospital and is now under the custody of  CSWD.
The samaritan urged the biological mother to visit her daughter in the hospital if she ever changes her mind regarding her baby. She also advised the mother not to throw away her baby if she ever gets pregnant again the future.

“You have your own reasons for doing such. Just in case you conceive again, please don’t throw an Angel. If ever you had a change of heart, your baby is at Valenzuela General Hospital,” Lim posted on Facebook.

As of this writing, Lim just left the hospital to check the baby, updating that Baby Jade has less than 50% chances of surviving as she is comatose.

For those who want to help, Lim posted the bank account on her facebook account where people can deposit their donations.

Source: Bao Siao Lim
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