President Duterte: I will rename 'Malacañang' to 'People's Palace' one day

Duterte: I will rename 'Malacañang' to 'People's Palace'
President Rodrigo Duterte wants to change the name of the 200-year-old Malacañang Palace to something that reflects Filipino People.

“Call it Malacañang Palace, I only call it ‘The People’s Palace.’ One day I will rename it, ‘People’s Palace,' President said in a press conference in Davao City last Thursday.

Duterte explained the term Palace was only used during the Spanish and American regime over the country.

“Hindi naman palasyo yan eh. Noon lang’ yan sa mga panahon ng mga p****g-i***g pumunta dito at ginawa tayong alipin. ‘Yun mga Español pati mga Amerikano, sino pa?” he said.

(It’s not a palace. It was only called that during the regime of those (invective) who came here to conquer us. The Spanish and the Americans, who else?)

He also gave a bit history of the term "Malacañan" and said he was bent to change the current name that smacks of imperialism.

“Oo. Tanggalin ko (Yes, I will replace it). You know why? [The] word “Malacañan,” sucks with imperialism. Totoo. Sino man ang nagpangalan ng ‘Malacañang Palace’? Mga Español man ‘yan (It’s true. Who gave it the name Malacañang Palace? It’s the Spaniards). Why should I not just address it as the “People’s Palace of the Republic of the Philippines,” he said.

The President said the poor are most welcome and could even sleep inside the Malacañang.
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